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How does dropshipping work?

How i found about dropshipping So there i was wanting to start an e-commerce business but i thought it was too hard. I didn't wanna invest that much into buying inventory and i didn't really want to ship the products i forgot about e-commerce for a while until i saw this youtube video i remember it was titled "How i made 5000$ with dropshipping" and that got me hooked and i learned how dropshipping works so in this blog i'm going to tell you what i learned about dropshipping and how you can get started. What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a very simple business model just like e-commerce but there is a little difference between the two or might i say a big difference that makes it accessible for everyone and the thing that differentiates between normal e-commerce and dropshipping is how you handle your inventory With normal e-commerce you need to buy stock first With dropshipping you don't need to buy stock or ship it and how you do that is very ve

How i funded my passive income business

5 ways i funded my business Before i started making money with my business i obviously needed to make money online to actually start making my online business these methods are kind of slow but you gotta do anything to start a business as it's not easy at all Having funds was actually one of the most annoying parts of starting a business with no money because it's no fun and usually takes a really long time So i made this blog i dedicated a lot of time and research into making this blog the best i can. Surveys The first thing i tried you probably guessed it surveys. I didn't make much money with surveys the most amount of money i made wit surveys was just 1$ and the worst thing was it was an amazon gift card so it was pretty much useless if you want to do it i used swagbuck so yeah if you want to get a 1$ amazon gift card you can do it. Electroneum Electroneum is supposed to be a passive income app that mines a currency called electroneum that was the second thi

(CPA marketing) How i made 200$ in one day online

How i made almost 200$ in one day This is the story of how i made almost 200$ in one day without that much knowledge about marketing and all that business stuff I was looking over the internet for ways to make money then i saw something called "Cpa marketing" and that sounded pretty cool so i researched more. The things i learned is that cpa marketing is kind of like affiliate marketing but instead of trying to sell a product you instead make people enter their emails. Should i really do cpa marketing? cpa marketing is made for some people and these people are people who like marketing the most about starting a business if you for example like design more than marketing i recommend freelancing. Cpa marketing needs a lot of dedication so if you don't like marketing i don't recommend cpa marketing because the way i found my perfect marketing method actually took me years of working in online business. Full explanation of cpa marketing With cpa marke