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How does dropshipping work?

How i found about dropshipping

So there i was wanting to start an e-commerce business but i thought it was too hard. I didn't wanna invest that much into buying inventory and i didn't really want to ship the products i forgot about e-commerce for a while until i saw this youtube video i remember it was titled "How i made 5000$ with dropshipping" and that got me hooked and i learned how dropshipping works so in this blog i'm going to tell you what i learned about dropshipping and how you can get started.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a very simple business model just like e-commerce but there is a little difference between the two or might i say a big difference that makes it accessible for everyone and the thing that differentiates between normal e-commerce and dropshipping is how you handle your inventory With normal e-commerce you need to buy stock first

With dropshipping you don't need to buy stock or ship it and how you do that is very very simple you find a product on aliexpress that you want to sell then you create a store and then add the aliexpress product to your own website/store then when somebody buys instead of telling aliexpress to ship it to you you tell them to ship it directly to the person the purchased said product

Let me give you an example here The first step is to go to aliexpress and find a winning product which i will explain what that means soon then you create your store based around that product when somebody buys it you now have their address now you go into aliexpress and then buy the product but instead of typing your address you type the customers address If you don't fully understand then read the entire blog and you should exactly know how dropshipping works

What is a winning product and how do i find one?

Your product choice will either make or break your dropshipping business so you NEED to find a winning product but what make a winning product? A winning product is a trendy product that sells really well for example in 2019 back straighteners were selling like hot cakes and in 2018 fidget spinners were the same

Now how do you find one? there are so many ways and it gets kind of complicated sometimes here are some ways you can find a winning product. You can go on facebook and look at ads most ads are winning products and also you can find other dropshipping websites and look at their best selling products there are so many ways to find winning products that if i tell you every single method the blog would be super long so i recommend just going on youtube and search "How to find winning products dropshipping" and you should see plenty of youtube videos on how to find winning products

General, Niche or one product store?

Now you need to think what kind of store you want to make. There are 3 kinds of stores you can start the first one is a general store the second is Niches store the third is a one product store

A general store is a store that has all kinds of items for kitchen gadgets to books like amazon amazon is a general store. A niches store is a store that contains one niche like a beauty niche that would include makeup etc. Finally a one product store you guessed it it's only one product for example blendjet. Now just do some research and think of what kind of store you want.

Creating a store

Now that you have everything down and you are ready the next step is to create a store it's very easy to make a store using shopify you can get a 14 day free trial and it's really good most dropshippers use shopify. Now you need to pick a theme i recommend a theme called brooklyn it's really good and free. Now buy a domain and then go into apps and download an app called oberlo on your shopify store because you really need it.

You can browse through some apps that might be useful i recommend installing loox reviews and lucky orange too

Adding the product

Make sure you have oberlo installed on your shopify store now click this then install the extension if you don't already have it. Now sign up for oberlo once done go to aliexpress and go to the page of your winning product you found then click on the oberlo extension on the right corner of your screen once you clicked it press import now it should send you to a page enter the title you want then edit the desc the desc should be really good with images so people buy the product now enter a price then import it into your shopify store. Viola your done now you have the product on your shopify store

*Important! you should right a really good desc to convince people to buy*


Now this is the expensive part there are many many ways to advertise but i recommend facebook ads as it's the cheapest and only one i know how to use. Go to facebook business manger and create an account after that create a page and you are going to advertise using this page. Now design an ad i recommend using canva to design an attractive design.

Now create an ad on facebook ad manger now you have to test and test and test. Enter a title scroll down a little and you should see "interests" you should add some interests you should make them about what your target audience would want for example if you have a beauty product make it only female and only e-packet countries which are the top countries united states, canada and australlia and make the interest beauty, fashion etc. once you are completely done duplicate the ad 5 times with different interests then just wait for 4 days and kill of ads that are not preforming well

Also this is how you should make your ad  

Line 1[Headline] - either a statment or a question                                                                  


Line 2[Quick Explanation]

Line 3[Discount or Offer]

Image or video Of Product


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I hope this provided you with some value there is so much important stuff i have't covered yet because it was going to be super long so i recommend go into youtube and learn how because that's what i did More Blogs


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