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How i funded my passive income business

5 ways i funded my business

Before i started making money with my business i obviously needed to make money online to actually start making my online business these methods are kind of slow but you gotta do anything to start a business as it's not easy at all

Having funds was actually one of the most annoying parts of starting a business with no money because it's no fun and usually takes a really long time So i made this blog i dedicated a lot of time and research into making this blog the best i can.


The first thing i tried you probably guessed it surveys. I didn't make much money with surveys the most amount of money i made wit surveys was just 1$ and the worst thing was it was an amazon gift card so it was pretty much useless if you want to do it i used swagbuck so yeah if you want to get a 1$ amazon gift card you can do it.


Electroneum is supposed to be a passive income app that mines a currency called electroneum that was the second thing i tried but you guessed it it was incredibly slow like i can't even explain it takes so long. The only thing that makes me still run this app is that it's cloud mining so it isn't wasting the resources of my phone and it's passive and also because some people were predicting that electroneum will be worth 1$ next year so if you wanna mine electroneum this is the link: you get 25 electroneum when you sign up and make sure to use code D2B88C to get a 1% bonus on everything you mine


This is were all the big money is made well not really "big" but it makes so much more money than the other things we talked about. Picoworkers is a websites that connect people looking to hire and people looking to work. You basicly do very simple tasks like following an instagram account and you get a small amount of money let's say you get  0.02$ if you keep doing that for like 2 hours you can easily make over 2$ so it's pretty cool and if you are smart enough to figure this out i used picoworkers for my marketing startegy for cpa marketing. Click this link and start making money 


Cryptotab is kind of like electroneum we talked about earlier except there are 4 main differences 1. it's not cloud mining so it actually mines on your machines which makes it a little faster 2. It mines bitcoin  3. it makes more money 4. it's a browser too. if you install cryptotab you get to use it as a browser and a bitcoin miner at the same time. The more you use the browser the faster it mines and i actually tested it out and it works it sent 0.08$ after half a day of mining click the link to start browsing and mining:

Cpa marketing

Cpa marketing is not just a way to fund your business it's a business all in it's self that you can start for completely free! Learn more.

After doing all of this stuff you should end up with 20$ or something like that that's plenty to start a very small business even if it's not the kind of business you want to start. Maybe you want to start an online store 20$ is not even close to enough but start another small business like cpa when even have more money maybe you can start a website like a blog or a social media or even your very own cpa network if you enjoyed this blog please consider sharing this post or check out more blogs 


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